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Press Release: COVARTIM settles at LégiaPark and reinforces its links with the MedTech ecosystem in Liège area

Liège, October 10, 2023 – COVARTIM, a Belgian engineering company focusing on the development and the certification of medical technologies, is getting closer to Liège manufacturers by opening a new office at LégiaPark.  The company strengthens the valuable support it provides to MedTech companies in their certification phase.


Since the launch of its activities in 2016, COVARTIM has supported more than 130 clients located in BeNeLux, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, Japan, Israel, Brazil and the United States. Among them, some well-known names in Wallonia such as Gabi SmartCare, also installed at LégiaPark, CMD-COAT, LaCAR MDx Technologies, Nomics, Odix, and Wishbone.

Its role? Helping manufacturers of medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic tools to develop their products, but also and above all, to obtain the certification necessary for their introduction on the market. Indeed, the commercialisation of this type of product, intended for health professionals or patients, is conditional on obtaining certification from specialized organizations according to their level of risk. A long and technical process in which COVARTIM provides valuable support to MedTech companies.

A complex regulatory framework

Over the past two years, the European regulatory framework has become significantly more complex, representing a substantial barrier to entry for manufacturers such as start-ups in the quest for their first certification.

These companies must comply with a series of very strict verifications and validations which may force them to carry out clinical investigations. All resulting activities must be documented in order to ensure high traceability throughout the development of their products. This documentation is then reviewed by a notified body for the purporse of obtaining the CE marking.

In order to meet these requirements, COVARTIM implements among its customers a proprietary set of regulatory and quality management tools aimed at achieving the level of documentation required by notified bodies.

At the core of a booming sector

The recent regulatory changes, as well as the booming market of medical technologies in Belgium, have a positive impact on the activities of COVARTIM, which is also looking for new collaborators. Its involvement in various initiatives (training, consultation missions) allows the company to actively participate in the development of the sector itself. With this same perspective, the company organizes the MedTech Meetup, a unique annual event in Belgium which brings together all the stakeholders of the MedTech industry and which addresses key topics for the future.

Today, COVARTIM is expanding its presence in Wallonia and getting closer to the Liège MedTech ecosystem by opening a second office at LégiaPark and recruiting five new employees.


Kyun THIBAUT, CEO of COVARTIM : « The MedTech sector has been growing rapidly for several years in our country. Academic research and health professionals represent significant potential for innovation. Our presence at the heart of the Liège ecosystem, alongside renowned players, was obvious to us. We are delighted to take part in its growth. »


Amel Tounsi, CEO of B2H : “The creation of a COVARTIM branch office in the Liège area illustrates the importance of the major focus on MedTech in our ecosystem. Out of the 150 Life Sciences companies in the Liège area, 40% are active in the MedTech field. The engineers from Liège university and the entrepreneurial doctors from local hospitals are a breeding ground for MedTech innovation. Any company that can support development, the regulatory path and market access is an asset. We welcome COVARTIM and its teams.”


Aurore Duijsens, CEO of LégiaPark : “The LégiaPark is delighted to welcome COVARTIM, whose arrival strengthens the presence of companies dedicated to services available to MedTech companies in the region. Our ambition is to keep attracting companies active in this field and, thus, to confirm the role and the positioning of the Liège Life Sciences ecosystem at the MedTech level.”



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COVARTIM was founded in 2016 by Kyun Thibaut, an engineer passionate about life sciences. The company currently employs around fifteen people. Its mission is to support manufacturers of medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic devices and medical software throughout the development process of their product, from the inception to introduction on the market. For more information about its activities and its approach, visit


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